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What Is Hacking?

Hacking is referred to as the activities which actually seek to compromise all kinds of digital devices. It can be tablets, smartphones, and computers or it can even be an entire network. Hacking need not be connected to malicious purpose in all cases. Hackers need not be cyber criminals but in most the cases they are and what is the reason hacking has been connected with malicious activities. Hacking can be connected to fun or some kind of challenge, it can be for spying, information gathering, protest, or in some cases it can be for financial gain.


The majority of the people think that hackers are nothing but a rogue programmer or a self-taught whiz kid who is very good at programming skills and they can easily modify computer software and hardware. But, this is definitely a narrow view. There can be plenty of reasons behind hacking and hackers are of different types than just a skilled programmer. For a person turning into hacking, there can be plenty of reasons.

But one thing is true hacking is always technical in nature. But it is possible that hackers make use of their psychological skills to attack a user. Tricking can be done by offering some personal data or some kind of malicious attachment. Social engineering is the term used for such kind of tactics.

Hacking Techniques

Hacking is nothing but an over-arching umbrella that includes a number of tactics and activities. Malvertizing and social engineering are two of the main techniques used in hacking. Other than these, there are many other hacking techniques. Some of them are:

  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Ransomeware
  • Denial of service
  • Botnets

Types of Hackers or Hacking

There are mainly four reasons behind hacking and hackers attempt to hack computers mostly for these reasons.

  • The first reason is with some financial gain. Hackers try to hack some information just because they need money from credit or debit cards. Hacking can also happen by defrauding the banking systems.
  • Hacking can also happen for some reasons like burnishing someone‚Äôs reputation. Hackers can do it in many ways and one among them is, leaving something unusual on the website.
  • Third, being corporate espionage. Competitors can hack information about some companies and use them for their growth.
  • The fourth reason can be for stealing national or business intelligence. This can be sponsored in many cases and in most the cases it is for good reasons.

Along with these, there is one more category of cybercriminals. These hackers are motivated for some reason like it can be political or social. They are called as hacktivists. Through unflattering attention, they want to gain public attention and for that reason, they perform hacking activities.

Mainly there are two types of hackers. One is white hat hackers and the other is gray hat hackers. White hackers are meant to improve the security system by finding and preventing possible threats. But gray hackers utilize their skills and break the systems and this happens without permission.

Bottom Line

This is all about hacking and hackers and there is plenty of information that you need to understand about hacking.